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Diatomaceous Earth 1.5 Ib

Lumino Diatomaceous Earth is an environmentally friendly and safe alternative for coops dusting baths and nesting boxes. D.E  is a fine powder composed of the crushed fossilized exoskeletons of microscopic diatoms, which will not harm children, pets, livestock, poultry plants or your planet. 

Lumino D.E is a USDA Food Grade

To Use : Sprinkle in your coop or on your cage floor, then cover with your choice of bedding/shavings. 

Sprinkle in your birds nesting boxes between the layers of hay and mix a small amount in your birds dusting bath/bins

Ingredients : 100% Codex Food – Grade Diatomaceous Earth ( amorphous non – crystalline silica ) Mined and Bagged in the USA 

Warning : For animal use only.

                    Do not inhale the dust, it may cause eye and respiratory irritation

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