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New Country Organics Flock Perfect Grubs

Chicken Dance 3.5 lb 

Poultry Treat and Supplement


New Country Organics (NCO) Flock Perfect Chicken Dance Grubs is a fantastic high Protein treat that is wonderful for chicks, pullets, hens, and roosters. This grub is all natural – no chemicals, hormones or medications to ensure the very best for your flock. Chicken Dance Grubs are USA Homegrown and they are fed on food waste that would otherwise go into the landfills. 


Feeding Directions: This product is a treat and supplement and not a complete feed. Offer Free Choice with other parts of ration separately available. 


Consult your nutritionist for diet formulation to the specific needs of the intended species. 


Ingredients: Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae.


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