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Purina Enrich Plus Senior 

Purina® Enrich Plus® Senior Horse Feed

Horses Need More Nutrition Than Forage Alone Can Provide 

Some horses—whether due to an efficient metabolism, light workload, or high-quality forage-based diet—can maintain their weight on hay or pasture with little to no feed. However, forages alone do not provide the necessary amount or balance of all nutrients, creating inconsistencies and deficiencies. This is also true for horses fed unfortified grains such as oats or corn, which are variable in their protein, vitamin and mineral content. Enrich Plus® Senior is a concentrated, pelleted ration balancing horse feed that may be fed as a horse’s sole ration along with quality hay or pasture to provide the proper balance of nutrients without unnecessary calories.


For specific ingredient listing for this product please refer to the feed tag affixed to the package in your region or contact us at 800-227-8941.

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