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Why I LOVE my Pendleton towel.

Pendleton towel image

Pendleton towel.

I few years ago our Pendleton rep suggested that we try their new towels. I looked at the price and promptly declined. How would I sell a towel (even and big beautiful one) for nearly $50.00? I did not think our country celebrating customer base would see that as a value.

In the meantime my Mom saw they had a Dia De Los Muertos design. She knew how much I loved the bright colors in that now retired design. She very sweetly bought us two of them as a gift. I was appreciative but I had no idea what she had started.

After about a year I realized I always pulled the Pendleton towels from the cupboard first, I started to scold the kids if they used them. I made sure they were the last thing in the laundry basket and the first thing folded out the drier. I was slowly transitioning from a reluctant fan of a pretty towel to an obsessed caretaker of my favorite daily tool.

The next year I added some of the towels to our offerings at Hawthorne Country Store. They not only sold, they sold out. (Except the cool purple one that mysteriously made its way to my car.)

The now 4 year old Pendleton towels I still love feel softer, more absorbent, and just as pretty as they did that first year. I have gifted Pendleton towels to several friends and loved ones because I want everyone I care about to feel this good getting out of the shower, stepping out of the pool, or slipping their suit off from under them at the beach.

They are big, Spa big. The perfect softness, not too fuzzy, not too thick- just goldilocks perfect. The patterns are stunning, bright or earth toned colors to compliment any décor. They wash and dry easily and with what seems like no ware. The quality is what you would expect from a classic brand like Pendleton. I Just LOVE my Pendleton Towels!

New items

Pet releaf

Pet releaf2

Pet releaf1

Pet releaf3

New Items

Fish Skins and cheese puffs and duck necks, oh my!!


We are now carrying Chicken Diapers, and Feather Guards for your chickens

It is the time of year that many birds lose a large quantity of feathers and when the new ones come in they are sensitive and can cause other flock members to peck. These feather guards are PERFECT.

Deep Green Stain Remover

Removes Stains and Rejuvenates Any washable surface!


Ecologically-safe product cleans by deeply penetrating porous surfaces. Deep Green’s effectiveness relies on the balancing of conditioners, natural softeners, and an ingredient that makes water itself “wetter”, thus allowing for a thorough and deep extraction of stains.

We have some new items

Chicken saddles for when Rooster de-feather your girls


Anti-crow collars

Most neighbors don’t want to be woken at 5 AM by a rooster crowing. But, we love our roosters and so do our hens. Here is a do-it-yourself method of reducing the volume and frequency of roosters crowing. The Velcro strap works with the same principle as much more expensive collars. It restricts inflation of the air sack in the rooster’s neck when he crows. This is not harmful if adjusted as not to restrict normal breathing and circulation. It only restricts neck air sack inflation prior to crowing. Adjust the Velcro collar so as to leave about 3/8” or the tips of your smallest finger space between your rooster’s neck and the collar. The collar should be placed low on your rooster’s neck.

Look who is back!

Jake was raised in a feed barn and has come back to work with us as an active third generation feed peddler.

For your convenience Hawthorne Country Store is now delivering 7 days a week!


New Items

From $4.95 to $7.95 these are perfect for gift giving, fruit carrying, or just general holding of stuff.


How big was Peter Pipers Peck of Pickled Peppers? Come check out a peck basket, or a bushell!

New baby chicks

New baby chicks are available and arriving daily.
Hawthorns Country Store has the biggest selection of baby chickens and the largest selection of different breed types in California.

The Benefits Of Raising Your Own Chickens

The Hawthorne Country Store provides the benefits of raising and preserving your own food.

Modesto Milling Organic Food

Horse blankets

Winter blanket information from our blanket manufacturer this year.
Waterproof horse blankets
Waterproofing is accomplished in one of two ways. Either with laminate or a coating. A laminate is a solid layer of a material that is glued to the inside of another material such as nylon. The other method is managed by coating the inner surface of the material. Laminates are generally more durable over time and is the way our blanket material is produced.
Breathable horse blankets
To be breathable, horse blanket materials must have a way for sweat produced inside the blanket to escape to the outside. One method is that the waterproof membrane is full of pores that are large enough for sweat to evaporate and pass though. Usually the pores in this type of membrane are also large enough to permit passage of rain. To stop this, the membrane is chemically treated so that rain is repelled before it has a chance to penetrate through the material.
Another method employs a monolithic membrane. This barrier will move moisture through a process of solid-state diffusion. The sweat will collect on the surface of the membrane and pass through the material from areas of high concentration to the outside of the blanket. This is the method used by most blanket manufacturers. The primary driving factor for moving sweat from the horse’s body is the difference in humidity between the inside of the blanket and the outside environment. So the higher the relative humidity is between the inside of the blanket (warm/moist) and the lower humidity on the outside, the greater the breathability. Thus, horse blankets breathe best in cold, dry environments. Conversely they perform poorly when temperatures rise and humidity is high.
What does this mean?
How you use a horse blanket is often more important than the material itself. No matter how good the breathability of your horse blanket it will never approach releasing the amount of sweat a horse can produce in an hour.

Newly added Hard to get items:

Thyroid Support

The thyroid is the conductor of the organ orchestra, if you will, and needs to be on the job for all the other systems to operate in harmony. A property functioning thyroid is key to regular and normal breathing, maintaining proper weight, and normalizing the amount of fat and muscle on the neck and tail head. #26 Thyroid Support is comprised of herbs which support the thyroid, and may be beneficial in:
Cresty neck and tail
Bulging eyes
Rough hair coat or difficulty shedding
Eyesight problems such as seeing shadows
Abnormal (either very high or low) weight
Difficulty in correcting weight through normal dietary adjustments.

Activated Charcoal Gel

Activated Charcoal Gel is designed for use as an emergency first aid for accidental poisoning resulting from gain overload, insecticides, herbicides, bacterial contaminants or mycotoxins.

Immediate Response Colic Aid

Manufacturer: DURVET Manufacturer Model No: 011-98100
First aid for colic episode prior to professional diagnosis and treatment.
Designed for immediate response to symptoms of scours, gut ache & treatment of diarrhea, & exposure to moldy hay or forage.
Also ideal for use during times of stress (such as hauling, temperature, confined spaces, or physical trauma)
Rapidly restores your horses digestive balance.
Ingredients: Yeast Extract, Primary Yeast Dehydration, Mucilage, Vegetable Oil, Dried Apple Pectin Pulp, Carrageenan, Silicon Dioxide, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Etc.

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