Delivery: For your convenience Hawthorne Country Store is now delivering 7 days a week!
Delivery fees are based upon fuel, vehicle and driver costs.

Product reviews: If you have a question about a product we carry, we will gladly share ours as well as others experience with you, good or bad. If we get multiple negative reviews on a product, we will discontinue it.

Shipping: We can ship anything, anywhere UPS or FedEx and will do so within 24 hours of your order. Shipping rates vary and apply.

Order History: If you give us your name at the time of each purchase, we can track your order history. This is a free service available upon your request.

Mail, E-mail, Fax and Phone: Ordering made easy! We will take your order whichever way works best for you and will respond and confirm within 24 hours. We accept cash, money orders, cashiers and travelers checks, and all MAJOR credit cards.

Special Orders: Not finding what you need here? We have 1,000 or so vendors and we’d be happy to order anything you need. The only surcharge is the shipping our vendors charges us.

Rentals: If we sell it, you can most likely rent it. Our families rental store, Hawthorne Brothers Tool Shed, located at 156 W Mission Ave in Escondido, also has horse trailers, pick up and flatbed trucks available for rent. Free Advice: If we know about it, we’ll tell you about it! Educational Seminars: We have offered seminars in the past on: veterinary, horse nutrition,wild birds,canning and backyard poultry. Have a suggestion for a seminar? We are always open to others requests for seminars that you’d be interested in attending. Please call our store or check our website for dates and times.

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