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Super Parrotlet 4 Ib 


Volkman Avian Science Super Parrotlet food is a wonderful blend to help keep your Parrotlet in  peak health. Although parrotlets can be picky eaters, Parrotlets love the enticing ingredients in this blend. It’s an all natural mix of healthy ingredients like canary grass seed, cantaloupe seeds, cracked corn, millet, safflower, oat Groats, peanuts, carrots, and peppers. This specialized food is full of flavor and free of dust with optimal nutritional benefits for your devoted pocket parrot.


Ingredient :Safflower Seed, Corn, Sunflower Seed, Wheat, In-Shell Peanuts, Pumpkin Seed, Buckwheat, Banana, Barley, Mix Feed Nuts, Papaya, Dehydrated Carrot, Dehydrated Peas, Oat Groats, Coconut, Peppers, Dried Apple, Safflower Oil, Orange Oil, Sugar, Citric Acid, Vegetable/ Fruit Juice for color, Vegetable Oil, Banana Flavor, Sulfur Dioxide (preservative).


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