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The Poultry Store De-wormer 

Bird + Poultry Supplement 

The Poultry Store De-wormer is a great alternative to harsh chemical de-wormers; plus, you can consume your chickens eggs while using it. This de-wormer is high in nutrients and vitamins that help aid in preventing coccidiosis, black head, E Coli, bronchitis and Avian flu. It may also help to destroy parasites that enter the digestive system and aids in flushing and destroying toxins.


Directions : Initial dose – 1 tbsp scoop once per day for 14 days. Maintenance dose 1 tbsp once per day 3 times a week. Dosage is for full size birds 2 months and up.

Place in multiple feeders allowing all animals to get their share. This dosage is allowing for waste.  Great for chickens, turkey, geese, ducks, peacocks. ( quail ⅛ tsp per 3 birds)


Not For Humans Use 


Proprietary blend, no chemicals or fillers used. All vitamins and minerals derived from plants. Scientifically backed and field tested 


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