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Little Farmer Farm to Pet Coop Right 3Ib

Little Farmer Farm to Pet Coop Right is an earth friendly mix of limestone, fossil diatom powder, Redmond®  Brand clay products (to help neutralize ammonia and absorb moisture), plus Rosemary.

For Use : It is best for you to remove your chickens out of the coop to completely clean it. Rake and shovel the area then clean and remove all poops and bedding. Sprinkle coop right, while wearing protective goggles and mask,  all over the floor as well as the bottom of the nesting boxes. Place fresh bedding such as shavings or chopped straw on top. Coop Right can also be used as a dust bath in a shallow box or sprinkle it directly on your chickens vent area and under the wings. 

Ingredients : Limestone ground, Redmond ® Brand clay, products fossilized  diatom powder  and Rosemary Powder, 

Caution : Dust may cause irritation to eyes  ( wear eye protection )  or to the respiratory system ( wear approved mask ). Should  irritation occur, rinse eyes with cold water and move to open air.  

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