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Feather Glow Fruit and Nuts Goodies


Featherglow fruit and nut goodies are some of our  customer favorite treats for their birds. With the blend of  Papaya, coconut kiwi, mixed nuts, apricot, raisins, cranberries, nectarine, pineapples, peaches, apple, and pitted dates that your birds may enjoy. This wonderful bird trail mix is great to use if you are training or to supplement your birds daily seed ration. 


Ingredient : Papaya, banana, mixed feed nuts, shelled peanuts, hulled pumpkin seed, coconut, dried kiwi, dates pitted, sun-cured apricot, sun-cured nectarine, sun-cured apple, sun-cured pineapple, sun-cured raisins, sun-cured cranberries, sun-cured peaches, sugar, sunflower oil, citric acid, calcium, Vegetable/ Fruit Juice for color, sulfur dioxide (preservative).


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