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Equi Tussin Quart

Equi-Tussin Respiratory Supplement

The Equi-Tussin is designed as a heavy syrup for an easy administration. The Equi-Tussin also promotes healthy respiratory function as it works as a decongestant and expectorant. This product is a unique blend of aromatic natural oils that works to open up and ease the airways, allowing your horse to obtain more oxygen and therefore being able to perform His’/her best. 


  • Decongestant & Expectorant
  • Promotes Respiratory Health
  • Aromatic Natural Oils Open Airways
  • Liquid Syrup is Easy to Administer 
  • 1 Quart/32 Fluid Ounces: 16-Day Supply



Please consult with a veterinarian before use. Do not use more than thirty days continuously. If signs of decreased appetite, water consumption are present, or severe lung infection, consult with your veterinarian immediately. 

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