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Dr. Naylor’s Red-Kote Aerosol 5oz



Red Kote Aerosols

Red-Kote is an ideal solution for fast, safe healing of lacerations, wire cuts, scratches, burns, and chafes. Non-drying, soothing, and softening, Red-Kote stimulates new, healthy skin growth and discourages scar tissue formation. Contains phenol for more effective healing. Works well with horses.

Dr. Naylor Red-Kote Aerosol PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Pharmaceutical. This product is an antiseptic, non drying wound dressing designed to fight infection and speed healing. Provides fast healing for lacerations, wire cuts, scratches, burns, chafes, slow healing ulcers and other superficial animal wounds. This product is packaged in a 4 oz (128 gram) aerosol can, with a red twist to spray cap.

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