For your canning jars, Hawthorne´s Country Store offers the largest variety of sizes and styles. In addition to the American standards made by Ball and Kerr, we also offer German-made Weck, UK-manufactured Kilner, French LeParfait, and Italy’s Bormioli jars.

We also carry a wide vareity of food processing equipment including strainers, ricers, corers, slicers, cheese cloth and pitters.

Check out our large selection of Ball and Kerr jars in both regular and wide mouth. Sizes start and 4oz and reach up to a gallon (for decorative uses only). We also carry a nice selection of Weck jars from Germany with glass lids. Also available in a variety of shapes and sizes such as mold tulip, deco, carafe and cylindrical.

One of our newest additions are beautiful, decorated lids from Kilner. They are mostly single piece lids are becoming very popular with their unique shapes and designs.

Get your Le Parfait jars that fit both single piece as well as glass clamp lids. Many knowledgable chefs use these for pate, cheeses and chutneys.

Missing a lid? Need a new seal? Not to worry. We stock replacement lids and seals for all the brands we sell. If you need an imported brand, give us a call ahead of time. Some of them are slow to ship, but we try to keep up on supply.

We also carry a small line of Excalibur dehydrators and some of it´s supplies.