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Horse Tack

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We order from Modesto Milling every week, and we are happy to bring in any of the organic products our guest would like to use to fulfill their animals’ nutritional needs.


Horse blankets

Winter blanket information from our blanket manufacturer this year.

Waterproof horse blankets

Waterproofing is accomplished in one of two ways. Either with laminate or a coating. A laminate is a solid layer of a material that is glued to the inside of another material such as nylon. The other method is managed by coating the inner surface of the material. Laminates are generally more durable over time and is the way our blanket material is produced.

Breathable horse blankets

To be breathable, horse blanket materials must have a way for sweat produced inside the blanket to escape to the outside. One method is that the waterproof membrane is full of pores that are large enough for sweat to evaporate and pass though. Usually the pores in this type of membrane are also large enough to permit passage of rain. To stop this, the membrane is chemically treated so that rain is repelled before it has a chance to penetrate through the material.

Another method employs a monolithic membrane. This barrier will move moisture through a process of solid-state diffusion. The sweat will collect on the surface of the membrane and pass through the material from areas of high concentration to the outside of the blanket. This is the method used by most blanket manufacturers. The primary driving factor for moving sweat from the horse’s body is the difference in humidity between the inside of the blanket and the outside environment. So the higher the relative humidity is between the inside of the blanket (warm/moist) and the lower humidity on the outside, the greater the breathability. Thus, horse blankets breathe best in cold, dry environments. Conversely they perform poorly when temperatures rise and humidity is high.

What does this mean?

How you use a horse blanket is often more important than the material itself. No matter how good the breathability of your horse blanket it will never approach releasing the amount of sweat a horse can produce in an hour.