Deep Green Stain Remover

Removes Stains and Rejuvenates Any washable surface!


Ecologically-safe product cleans by deeply penetrating porous surfaces. Deep Green’s effectiveness relies on the balancing of conditioners, natural softeners, and an ingredient that makes water itself “wetter”, thus allowing for a thorough and deep extraction of stains.

The Hawthorne Country Store hardware offering is tailored to Equestrian, livestock, pet owners, and gardeners. This supply of clips, connectors, rings and such is hardware lover’s dream. Our prices are super competitive with the big boxes. Even more importantly we have the know-how to help you solve your hardware quandaries.


Electric Fence

Hawthorne Knows electric fencing. We carry a variety of chargers, wire, tape, insulators, connectors, testers, handles, ground rods and more. We can help you design the right system for you while keeping in mind the key features effecting fencing in Southern California.

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