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New Hummingbird Food


Hawthorne Country Store has added three new all natural hummingbird food options

  • Old Ben’s Beet Red $9.95
  • Clear $8.95
  • Organic $9.95

Remember that hummingbirds are 70% insectivores.
Encouraging a lot of hummers into your area will cut down on mosquitoes.

We are a great resource for year round wild bird information and support. Feeder, nesting boxes and materials, feed (seed,liquid and live) are available at all times here at Hawthorne Country Store. We also have a wild bird expert available frequently for consultations. Southern California is such a great place to take up backyard birding. We not only have a great variety of local year round and seasonal birds, there is also a large number of migratory birds that visit the area. I´ll bet you didn´t know that the Western Bluebird is making a comeback in this area! We have a customer that has a pair that is working on their third clutch this season! It´s a little unusual, but with all the warm weather we are having this year, it could be more common in North County. There are 2 breeding pairs in my yard and they are so fun to watch. They love live meal worms! Hummingbirds are also numerous in the area. Give backyard birding a try! You’ll be surprised at what you´ve never noticed before!

Specialty wild bird seed mixes and mealworms, for Southern California

and many feeder brands including: