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Chicken molt

So your girls have stopped laying? It’s August and some of this springs batch of babies who just started laying have now some have stopped.

After the summer solstice in June the days start to get shorter and this triggers in the girls into a natural part of their yearly cycle, molt.


  • verb
  1. 1.(of an animal) shed old feathers, hair, or skin, or an old shell, to make way for a new growth.

“the adult birds were already molting into their winter shades of gray”

  • noun
  1. 1. a loss of plumage, skin, or hair, especially as a regular feature of an animal’s life cycle.

You may see some extra feathers on the ground and be concerned about a predator or some other stressor (which is always a concern) but more likely it is the time of year for the girls to get ready for winter.

Some chickens will molt slowly, losing only and few feathers at a time and growing in new plumage over several months. Other chickens will have a “hard Molt” meaning they lose a LOT of feather all at once and look horrible but they usually come through molt faster and will start laying faster.

What can you do? You can support this yearly time of transition with nutrition help, protection from elements, and not making fun of the poor naked girls.

Nutritionally, hens in their molt can utilize more protein, and less of the egg making support we provide the rest of the year. There are products like “feather fixer” from Nutrena, Flock raiser from Purina, Chicken Broiler from King, or turkey starter from Modesto that can serve this purpose for you depending on your needs and wants for your family.

In Southern California we are certainly not cold in August and September so if your girls start in this time period providing shade from the sun is more important than if we were in the Midwest or far North and the girls started molting later in the year. Without their feathers they could use additional warmth through the molt if there were a cold snap.

Mostly just understand that this is normal, and look forward to new pretty plumage.



We are now carrying Chicken Diapers, and Feather Guards for your chickens

It is the time of year that many birds lose a large quantity of feathers and when the new ones come in they are sensitive and can cause other flock members to peck. These feather guards are PERFECT.

Chick equipment

Poultry Feed

Peep Show and Chick Day

Expected chick day chick list

Every spring Hawthorne Country Store in Escondido offers for sale with over 100 different varieties of chicks, to choose from. Here is the list for this year.

Pullet Run
Andalusians Blue
Asian Black
Asian Blue
Australorp Black
Brabanters Cream
Brabanters Gold
Brahmas Buff
Brahmas Dark
Brahmas Light
Cachins Barred
Calico Princess
Campines Golden
Campines Silver
Catalanas Buff
Chanteclers Buff
Chanteclers Partridge
Cherry Eggers
Chochins Red
Cinnamon Queen
Cochin Splash
Cochins Blue
Cochins Buff
Cochins Golden Laced
Cochins Partridge
Cochins Silver Laced
Cochins White
Cubalayas Blue Red
Dorkings Silver Gray
Easter Egger
Egyptian Fayoumis Silver Penciled
Hamburgs Blue
Hamburgs Gold Penciled
Hamburgs Golden Spangled
Hamburgs Silver Penciled
Hollands Barred
Houdans Mottled
Iowa Blues
Jersey Giant Black
Jersey Giant White
Kainkoppes Silver
Krainkoppes Black Breasted Red
La Fleche
Lakendvelders Golden
Lakenvelders Silver
Langshan Black
Lechorns Exchequer
Leghorn Danish Brown
Leghorn White
Leghorns White
Maran Black
Maran Cuckoo
Maran Feather Legged Cuckoo
Maran French Cuckoo
Maran French Wheaten
Minorcas Buff
Naked Neck
New Hampshire Red
Norwegian Jaerhorns
Olive EggerMaran French Black Copper
Orpington Buff
Pheonix Golden
Pheonix Silver
Plymouth Rock Barred
Plymouth Rock Buff
Plymouth Rock Partridge
Plymouth Rock White
Polish Black Crested White
Polish Buff Laced
Polish Red Crested Red
Polish silver Laced
Polish Splash
Polish White Crested Black
Polish White Crested Blue
Polsih Golden Laced
Rhode Island Reds
Rhode Island White
Salmon Favorelle
Saphire Gem
Sex Link – Gold
Sex Link Black
Sicilian Buttercups
Spangled Russian Orloffs
Spanish white faced black
Speckled Sussex
Sumatras Black
Wyandotte Black Laced Gold
wyandotte Black Laced Red
Wyandottes Buff
Wyandottes Columbian
Wyandottes Golden Laced
Wyandottes Partridge
Wyandottes Silver Laced
Yokohama Red Shoulder
Straight Run
Bantam Ameraucana
Bantam Cochin Golden Laced
Bantam Cochin Mottled
Bantam Cochin Partridge
Bantam Cochin Red
Bantam Cochin Self Blue
Bantam Cochin Silver Penciled
Bantam Cochin White
Bantam Conchin Silver Laced
Bantam Easter Egger
Bantam Orpington Buff
Bantam Polish White Crested Black
d’Uccles Blue Mille Fleur
d’Uccles Porcelain
Frizzle Cochin Black
Frizzle Cochin Red
Frizzle Cochin White
Japanese black tailed buff
Japanese black tailed White
Japanese Mottled
Old Eglish Buttercup
Old English Blue Duckwing
Old English Blue Wheaten
Orpington Lavender
Pheonix Silver Duckwing
Sebright BuffSebright Golden
Sebright Silver
Silkies Black
Silkies Blue
Silkies Buff
Silkies Gray
Silkies Partridge
Silkies Red
Silkies White
Wyandottes Blue Laced Red
Yokohama White

Other Poultry
Guinea Fowl
Hatchery Choice Crested Ducklings
Hatchery Choice ducklings
Emden Geese male and female
Toulouse geese male and female
Tufted Roman Geese male and female


Surf & Turf

We are now carrying Chicken Diapers, and Feather Guards for your chickens

It is the time of year that many birds lose a large quantity of feathers and when the new ones come in they are sensitive and can cause other flock members to peck. These feather guards are PERFECT.

Chicken saddles for when Rooster de-feather your girls


Anti-crow collars

Most neighbors don’t want to be woken at 5 AM by a rooster crowing. But, we love our roosters and so do our hens. Here is a do-it-yourself method of reducing the volume and frequency of roosters crowing. The Velcro strap works with the same principle as much more expensive collars. It restricts inflation of the air sack in the rooster’s neck when he crows. This is not harmful if adjusted as not to restrict normal breathing and circulation. It only restricts neck air sack inflation prior to crowing. Adjust the Velcro collar so as to leave about 3/8” or the tips of your smallest finger space between your rooster’s neck and the collar. The collar should be placed low on your rooster’s neck.

Poultry Feed Stocked at Hawthorne Country Store

Prices and availability can change at any time.

  • Layena Omega 40lb. $18.95 Purina Mills
  • Layena crumble 50LB. $18.50, 25 LB. $10.50 Purina Mills
  • Layena Pellet 50 lb. $18.50 25lb. $10.50 Purina Mills
  • Lay mash 5 lb. $4.95, 25 lb. $10.95, 50 lb. $18.25, Kruse/ Western milling
  • Homegrown layer crumble 50 lb. $16.95
  • Organic lay crumble, Nutrena 5 lb. $8.95
  • Organic Purina layer crumble or pellet 35lb. $24.95
  • Organic lay crumble 50 $28.95, 25 lb. $18.95 Modesto Milling
  • Organic lay pellet 50 $28.95, 25 lb. $18.95 Modesto Milling
  • Organic non soy layer 50 lb. Modesto Milling $29.95
  • Organic non soy non corn layer 50 lb. Modesto Milling $29.95
  • Organic Whole grain layer 50 lb. $32.50 Modesto Milling
  • Organic Layer 40 lb. $32.95 (whole seed option) Scratch and Peck
  • Pro Am Layer 50 (king) L.A. Hearne$20.95
  • Freedom Layer pellet or Crumble (non GMO) 50 lb. (king) L.A. Hearne $22.50
  • Renew Poultry Complete 20 lb. $21.50
  • Scratch 50 lb. $14.50, 5 lb. $4.95, 25 lb. $8.95, 75lb. $16.95
  • Organic scratch 50 lb. $28.95 Modesto Milling,
    35 lb. $22.95 Purina 25 lb $21.95 Scratch and Peck
  • Organic cracked corn 50 $29.95 Modesto Milling
  • Cracked corn 25 $8.95, 50 $16.50 Kruse Western Milling
  • Pro-Am show and grow 50 lb. $21.50 (king) L.A. Hearne
  • Renew Chick starter 5 lb. $12.50
  • Organic Starter crumble 35 lb. $24.95 Purina Mills
  • Organic Chick Starter Nutrena 5 lb. $8.95
  • Organic Chick Starter crumble 25 lb. $19.95, 50 lb. $32.50 Modesto Milling
  • Organic no corn no soy starter 50 lb. $32.50 Modesto Milling
  • Organic Scratch and Peck Starter 25 lb. $26.95 40 lb. $38.95
  • Start and Grow (medicated) 5 lb. $5.99 25lb. $11.50 50 $ 21.50 Purina Mills
  • Start and Grow (non-medicated) 5 lb. $5.99 25 lb. $11.50 50 $21.50 Purina
  • Freedom Starter Crumble (non GMO) 50 lb. $25.50 (King) LA Hearne
  • Chick starter Mash 25 lb. $12.50, 50lb $22.50 Kruse/Western Milling
  • Flock Raiser crumble 5lb. $6.95, 25lb. $12.95, 50 lb. $21.50 Purina
  • Flock Raiser Pellet 50lb. $21.50 Purina
  • Organic Turkey Starter 50 lb. $34.50 Modesto Milling
  • Layena Gamebird breeder 50 lb. $19.95 Purina Mills
  • Freedom Broiler (non GMO) 50 lb. (King) L.A. Hearne $23.95
  • Game Bird (Turkey) Crumble 50lb. Kruse $21.50
  • Quail Layer 25 lb. $12.95 (King) L.A. Hearne
  • El Gallo Perfecto 75 lb. Kruse $32.95
  • El Pollo Fino 50 lb. $26.95 UPP
  • Gonzalez 50 lb. Kruse $22.50
  • El Gallo Colorado 50 lb. $21.50 Star/Kelleys
  • Waterfowl Grower Maintenance 25 lb. $12.95 and
    50 lb. $20.50 pellet (King) LA Hearne
  • Waterfowl Maintenance from Mazuri (floater) 50 lb. $42.00
  • Waterfowl Layer 25 lb. (King) LA Hearne $11.50
  • Waterfowl Starter Mazuri 25 Lb. $23.95
  • Feather Fixer Nutrena (40 lb.) $19.95
  • Flock Block 25 # $14.95 (Purina mills)

Chicken Feed

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