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DOG Food

Who is ready for better pet food choices delivered to your door?


Call today 760–746-7816 for Escondido or 760-728-1150 for Fallbrook

Free delivery for customers within 3 miles radius from either location, 300 lb limit and does not include bales.

Purina Natural dog and cat foods


Hawthorne Dog Food List

  • Bites and Bones
  • Country Acres Dog 40 lb.
  • Canidae ALS
  • Canidae Platinum
  • Chicken Soup Dog
  • Chicken Soup Puppy
  • Chicken Soup Senior
  • Diamond Beef and Rice 40 lb.
  • Diamond Chicken and Rice 40 lb.
  • Diamond Senior 35 lb.
  • Diamond Lamb and Rice
  • Diamond Large Breed Adult
  • Diamond Large Breed Puppy
  • Diamond Performance
  • Hund n flocken
  • Solid Gold Wolf Cub
  • Solid Gold Wolf King
  • Strongpoint 40 lb.
  • Infinia Chicken and Brown Rice
  • Infinia Turkey and Sweet Potato
  • Infinia Zen Salmon
  • Natural Balance Duck and Potato
  • Natural Balance Fish Sweet Potato
  • Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato
  • Natural Choice Large Breed Adult
  • Natural Choice Lamb and Rice
  • Orijen 6 Fish
  • Orijen Adult
  • Orijen Puppy
  • Orijen Senior
  • Orijen Regional Red
  • Canine Advantage
  • Pedigree Small Crunchy Bites
  • Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain
  • Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream
  • Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine
  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine
  • Primal Raw Chicken Nugget
  • Primal Raw Beef Nugget
  • Primal Raw Turkey Sardine
  • Primal Raw Pork Femur
  • Primal Raw Lamb Femur 2 pk
  • Primal Raw Venison Femur 2 pk
  • Primal Raw Beef Marrow 2″ 6 pk
  • Primal Raw Beef Marrow 4″ 2 pk

Hawthorne Dog foods


Infinia Dog Food


Diamond Naturals


Dry food for Dogs familyshot


Grain free pure formulas bags


Grain free pure formulas bags


TOW Familyshot Venison


Acana Dog food


Advantage Dog food


Dog food

Dog food

Sojos Dog Food

sojos dog food

Greenies Dog Food