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Heritage Poultry Breeders Census 2015 – We need your help


Dear poultry breeders,

If you raise heritage breed chicken, turkey or water fowl, please consider taking part in The Livestock Conservancy’s 2015 Poultry Census. The last survey of this kind was conducted over a decade ago. This census information is critically important for the continued preservation of rare breeds.

The census is for old landrace and large fowl standard bred poultry– specifically, the number of stock being maintained, in order to estimate the size of the actively reproducing gene pool for each breed.

The information you provide will be held in strict confidence unless you indicate that you would like TLC to share it with others interested in the breed you maintain.
The Conservancy thanks you for your stewardship of poultry and for your participation. If you know of anyone else who would be interested in taking part, feel free to forward this email on to them. Please click on the following link to reach the census.

2015 TLC Poultry Census

Thank you for your time!

Cheryl Long
Mother Earth News

More Information: Click Here